Herkimer Housing Authority – General Contractor / Construction Manager

The Herkimer Housing Authority (HHA) plans to construct a 24-unit building on a vacant parcel adjacent to the HHA’s Creekside property.  The HHA  invites General Contractors or Construction Managers (GC/CMs) licensed and bonded in New York State to submit their qualifications to purchase and construct a modular constructed building inclusive of all site work, utilities and work estimated to cost two million ($2,000,000) dollars.

The contractor will provide pre-construction services and work with the design team, HHA, and HHA’s Representative to design to a fixed construction budget. The intent is then to award a construction contract to the Contractor once they demonstrate their ability during the pre-construction period to purchase the modular building and provide all services related to the installation and construction of the building.

Interested contractors may view and download the RFP at the HHA website – http://www.herkimerhousing.org/procurement/.